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Natexus Series


One cold night changed everything for a group of young teens, setting them all on a path filled with pain, romance, love, and loss that would bleed into their adult lives. Based in England, these second-chance, angst filled love stories will stay in your heart for a lifetime.


Babylon MC Series

When Drew Tucker, president of The Hounds of Babylon MC, was released from prison after serving a sentence he could have avoided, he's out for revenge. The last thing he needs is a down and out blonde waitress standing in his way, messing up his plans, and fighting back in a way no man ever has. This is a love story to rival all love stories. Dare you enter Babylon?


The Trouble With Izzy


Izzy Moffit is finally free from her toxic parents, and she’s vowing to only take care of those who care for her from now on, especially her best friend Paris Hemsworth—the only strength and support she’s ever known. But a mistreated heart is always the softest, and Izzy can’t keep people out for long. Before she realises it, Izzy is losing her way again, and she soon begins to understand that not all villains look like monsters.

Some offer themselves as lovers; others as friends.
The battles she thought she’d left behind have only just begun…

The only thing that can save her now is an unexpected hero, and he seems to take on many different forms throughout her life until, one day, he shows up at her front door, ready to save the day, her future, and most importantly: Izzy’s heart.








This book is book 1 in a series of individual character stories. Each can be read as standalone, but we do recommend reading Izzy's book first, followed by A Thrill for Paris, A Fight for Ethan, and The Secrets of Scott.
For Izzy's follow on story, read The Only Exception, by Victoria L. James & L.J. Stock

A Girl Like Lilac

The first time Toby Hunter got arrested for defending Lilac Clarke’s honour, he was only fifteen years old, but he’d loved her from behind his black-rimmed glasses for as long as he could remember.


With a desperate need to protect her from a distance, one arrest turned to two, two soon turning into three, and before Toby knew what was happening, the sleepy village of Southwold was turning against him for daring to stand up for a girl like Lilac.

Beautiful Lilac with her flowers in her hair, her camera in her hands, and her sweet, pink, sugary-lipped kisses.

They could hate him for loving her all they wanted. Toby was a boy who did what was right, not what was easy, and he was always going to grow to be the man willing to give her what she deserved.


Even if that meant losing Lilac forever.


The Only Exception

Our first date was a disaster, but I couldn’t let him go.
I'd been pining for her for more than a decade, and thought I’d messed it up.


One phone call was all it took for me to tempt him to my doorstep.
I went to her, faster than lightning, desperate to taste her kiss.

I wanted him to be my only exception, despite all the fear I felt inside.
She offered me her trust, and I took it in my hands, desperate to hold on tight.

He became my everything.
I’d do anything for her.

He became my wildest dream.
I wanted to be in all her fantasies.


The follow-on story of The Trouble with Izzy & A Fight for Ethan, book #5 in the Road to Wonderland Series.


2018 Victoria L. JAMEs

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